Below are videos of WWII veterans interviewed by a Witness to War Foundation interviewer at the 306th BGHA reunion in New Orleans in 2013. Scroll down and click the arrow of the clip to view.

- Ron Lissner, gives a very compelling account war experiences and in particular several difficult missions including having to ditch in Sweden and emotions of war. Also, his unique experience in Sweden as an internee. Post war emotions discussed.

- Bill Carlile, WWII air war veteran, a tower control officer, relates various war experiences

- Walt Rozett, discusses enlistment, training, choosing B-17, assignment to Thurleigh, briefings

- Phil Mundell, tells of enlistment (doctoring his birth certificate), training, assignment to Thurleigh, being shot down and making it to American lines.

- Carl Groesbeck, He discusses training and being shot down.

- Gailard 'Red' Ketcham l, discusses early war rationing, enlistment, training, entertaining the troops and Casey Jones mapping project..

- Nick Sawicki talks of enlistment training, conditions at Wendover, assignment to Thurleigh, briefings, missions. Ccompleting 25 missions and return to U.S..

-- Grover Goode discusses enlistment; training, including U of Alabama and Tampa FL, assignment to 306th at Thurleigh air base. Completed 25 missions with shot up planes..