Below are clips from several panels of WWII veterans during the 306th BGHA reunion in Salt Lake City in 2015. Thanks to Jim Leary for recording these for the Association. Scroll down and click the arrow of the clip to view.

1- "Red" Ketcham, discusses re Casey Jones mapping project & entertaining troops.

2- 4 vets re VE day, Walter Rozett, Clayton Nattier, Nicholas Sawicki, Robert Hitchcock regarding troop reaction to VE day.

3- Al McMahan, speaks of experiences during the war as a ball turret gunner.

4- Phil Mundell, relating expereinces.

5- Walter Rozett, answers a question regarding being a lead pilot in group of B-17s on bombing missions over Germany.

6- Clayton Nattier, describes food in German POW camp and Red Cross packages.

7- Nicholas Sawicki, Bill Carlile, Walt Rozett and Robert Hitchcock, discuss advantages of Air Corp, various mess halls on base, pilot & co-pilot sharing flying time, & their age during the war.

8- Walt Olmsted on his war experience and military career afterward

9- Nicholas Sawicki, relates a typical mission day

10- Ralph Shaw tells of being drafted, training and combat missions