Below are videos made during the 306th BGHA reunion in Dayton in 2016. Thanks to Lynn Cooper for recording and producing these for the Association. Scroll down and click the arrow of the movie or clip to view.

WARNING: the '306th BGHA 2016 Renuion interviews' & the '306th BGHA 2016 Reunion Vet panels' movies are large files They have been broken up to clips shown below.. Most viewers should either download then play or view the clips.

1- 2016 , Steve Snyder, 306 BGHA president, Deb Conant tribute to Vets, next vets: Walt Rozett, William Carlile, George Bachman and Dillion McDermott .

2- 2016 roundtable discussions with vets: Clayton Nattier, Nicholas Sawicki, "Red" Ketchem, & Robert Hitchcock miscellaneous topics.

========= COMMENT clips from 2016 activities and interviews ====================

3- Steve Snyder, President 306th BHHA on the 306th BGHA and reunion activities

4- Deb Conant Reciting a folded wings (memorial) presentation

5- Walt P Rozett, answers a question regarding being a lead pilot in group of B-17s on bombing missions over Germany. .

6- William Carlile relates experience as Flight Control Officer & poem he wrote at end of hostilities

7- George W Bachmann, Jr., relates being a waist gunner on Rose of York missed day to went missing

8- Dillon McDermott., relates being a ball turret gunner and use of camera

9- Clayton Nattier, describes food in German POW camp and Red Cross packages

10- Carl A. Groesbeck, relating having to bail out landing on island and becoming POW stalag luft III.

11- "Red" Ketchem, Arriving at end of the EU troop entertainment, closing bases & Casey Jones aerial photography project..

12- Robert Hitchcock,On panel speaks of enlistment, radio & gunnery training in US then radar training in UK.flew in B-17 & B-24 forcing bomb loose later emergency landing in area of combat.