Plane Histories and Memorials
306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England

This section contains examples research regarding individual planes and memorials erected at plane crashes. The final Flight of Boeing B17G Flying Fortress 42-107055 Choo-Z-Suzy 28th December 1944. is a research paper prepared by Englishman Chris Scivyer who became interested when he learned the Choo-Z-Suzy had crashed on the grounds of his workplace. The informative Scarlet 42-5720 includes useful information regarding the nomenclature of B-17s and crew positions as well as personal information Scarlet and it's crew. It is posted here with permission of Randolph B. Woolley who compiled it using (among other sources) material collected and published by the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association.. Mr. Woolley hopes this will inspire and help other family historians to research and prepare their own histories of their WWII heroes. The same applies to other contributors All items are posted by permission.

We also have become aware of a number of memorials to Allied fliers and their planes that have been erected at crash sites by grateful citizens in various countries.

The final Flight of Choo-Z-Suzy Scarlet 42-5720 Battling Bee 42-29744 awaiting another submission awaiting another submission
Memorial to plane 42_97185 and crew of Boylston Lewis Jr. Memorial to Sleepytime Gal.pdf Memorial to James Ferguson crew of plane 41-24501 downed 3Jan43 Memorial to Clay Isbell crew of plane 41-24478 downed 23Nov42 Memorial to Vernon Cole crew of plane 42-29971 downed 14Oct43