306th Bomb Group--Thurleigh, England


Click here for B0MB GROUP & SQUADRON HISTORIES: Here you will find items written about the 306th and its squadrons including the Bove book story of the 306th and the Boyd book regarding the 306th Casey Jones post-hostilities project.

Click here for INDIVIDUAL HISTORIES: We have received a number historical materials regarding the history of the times and of 306th individuals. They serve as good examples of various ways a veteran or his family can relay his story and add to general historical information. Also included is a report made by the great-grandchildren of Gerald Weiler that shows some of the younger 4th generation are learning about history from their families. We hope it will inspire younger generations to become educated regarding this most important time in the world's history.

Click here for PLANE HISTORIES & MEMORIALS:-This section contains examples research regarding individual planes and memorials erected at plane crashes. The final Flight of Boeing B17G Flying Fortress 42-107055 Choo-Z-Suzy 28th December 1944. is a research paper prepared by Englishman Chris Sclvyer who became interested when he learned the Choo-Z-Suzy had crashed on the grounds of his workplace in England. The informative Scarlet 42-5720 includes useful information regarding the nomenclature of B-17s and crew positions as well as specifice information regarding the Scarlet and it's crew. We also have become aware of a number of memorials to Allied fliers and their planes that have been erected at crash sites by grateful citizens in various countries.

Click here for CREW HISTORIES:-This section contains examples research regarding particular crews. The initial submission is regarding the crew of 423rd pilot Mack McKay flying "Little Audrey". Thanks to Jason McDonald a NY teacher who attended a Summer Residency at the Imperial War Museum in the UK and prepared this well done and documented research. It contains some interesting analysis regarding the Casablanca Conference and the history of the plane as well.

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